About Mesquite

I'm always asked the population of Mesquite and it's an interesting answer:  About 20,000 choose Mesquite as their full-time residence, and in the winter as many as another 20,000 choose Mesquite Nevada as their part-time home.  Those who are able to get away, do get away!  If that's you, I can help.

We love Mesquite with our 330 days of sunshine, 9 local golf courses, and our easy, laid-back lifestyle.  If you like casino entertainment, Casa Blanca Resort and Casino, The Eureka Resort and Casino, the Virgin River Resort and Casino, and several small gaming establishments will keep you busy.  The larger casinos will have entertainment as well as upscale and casual dining choices. 


Our newest hotel, Rising Star Sports Ranch Resort

specializes in accommodations for families and sports teams. They have a casual, comfortable atmosphere which is designed for teams and groups, with bunk bed configurations and connecting rooms for coaches, parents or chaperones. 

Like to be in the center of travel?  We are within a few hours drive of Bryce Canyon National Park, Zion National Park, The Arches National Park, Lake Powell, Lake Mead...and of course...the entertainment capital of the world...Las Vegas! 

Mesa View Regional Hospital serves our residents, and there is a good choice of doctors and specialties.  Veterans are served from the North Las Vegas Veteran's Medical Center with their brand new hospital and clinics - a short 45 minute drive from Mesquite.

If you like outdoor activities, there are hiking trails and miles of ATV trails.  Mesquite Nevada means golf!  There are packages that you can purchase for discount golf that will keep you swinging.  Wolf Creek is rated "best of" in most major golf publications.  Its undulating course is not for the faint of heart, but when you've golfed Wolf Creek, you have bragging rights.

The Mesquite Recreation Center offers indoor and outdoor sports for a low price.  Indoor pool, outdoor pool, gym, fitness center and outdoor courts for most sports keep children and active adults - active!   Daily, weekly, or annual passes are available.

Another question my buyers ask is the price of utilities here and, of course, our water.  Mesquite is all electric - but don't let that scare you.  Our electric rates are well under 10 cents a KWH, so the average annualized electric bill is around $150.  We have our own aquifers and do not rely on the Colorado River for our water.  Water bills, depending on how much outdoor irrigation you have, would be $50-$70.  Property taxes in Mesquite are about 1% of the sales price of the house, with a cap each year for increases.  And let's not forget, NO STATE INCOME TAX!  So it's easy to see, a move to Mesquite may mean a lower cost of living, and the ability to stretch those retirement dollars while living in a beautiful environment.

Mesquite has something for everyone: golf course communities, gated communities, single family, condos and townhouses.  I'd be happy to help you call Mesquite Nevada your home.

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